All glory to The Lord Jesus Christ! It is only by HIS grace and through HIS power that we are commissioned to present this GOD fearing and GOD glorifying music to you!

    First and foremost, Never Fade Records is, & always will be, a FAMILY of believers & followers of The Lord Jesus Christ! We have prayerfully and thoughtfully been pursuing the operation and execution of a plan to bring The Gospel to your ears, mind, & heart through GOD'S HOLY SPIRIT filled music. We are simply a tool HE has graciously chosen to use in HIS righteous pursuit of your heart!

    N.F.R. represents a message of love from THE FATHER through our Artists Lyrics, based upon HOLY SPIRIT filled hearts and a firm stance upon THE WORD of GOD! We pray that upon listening to GOD's music, you will not worship HIS creation but turn and worship the worthy and awesome CREATOR who is JESUS CHRIST himself. AMEN!

- Never Fade Records (Matthew 24:35, 1 Peter 1:3-4, 1 Peter 5:4, 1 Corinthians 9:25, Matthew 7:24-25)

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E-Sential has a special knack for approaching many people and sharing the Love of Christ with them. He often gives his music away for free as a tool to reach out to the lost.

Our goal is to raise $2,000 to manufacture roughly 1,000 CD's for E-Sential to give out freely to those who otherwise wouldn't have heard the message. The message that Jesus brings deliverance to a broken world.

Any amount donated will get you a free download of the new album "Thru Thick N' Thin" upon the release date! (Estimated to be June 8th, 2014) Thank you for your support!

Download E-Sential's "Kingdom Cuts" Mixtape FREE by clicking HERE

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Kingdom Cuts Mixtape
Released: May 21st, 2013
Executive Producer: M.I.C.
Features: Raely Elle, James Julius, TRUe & Great Dame

(The Unknowns)


"Kingdom Cuts" is E-Sential's second official release, succeeding his "Spirit Led" Album in February 2010.  This 10 track Mixtape is very ministry driven,  printed & pressed in the the least expensive way in order to present it for free.

No flash or glamour, just pure Kingdom Cuts.

Each song is unique in style and sound, making for a very diverse hip-hop experience.  It features very close & talented friends of E-Sential, which adds a very team-like feeling to the mixtape.  Upon completing "Spirit Led" in 2010, E-Sential began...(CONTINUE READING HERE)

Welcome Home

Featuring: James Julius & The Unknowns

"Welcome Home" is the first single & track 1 of E-Sential's mixtape "Kingdom Cuts".  Each artist tells a story about their sinful past, and how God, despite their flaws, welcomed them into His family to be His children.

You can check out the rest of the mixtape by visiting the Kingdom Cuts Mixtape Page!

Download Raely Elle's "Strength" Mixtape FREE by clicking HERE

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Raely Elle
Strength Mixtape

Released: August 11th, 2012

Executive Producer: M.I.C.

Features: Carita, & Eman Musik


The "Strength" Mixtape is Raely Elle's second official release, succeeding her "This Is The Beginning" Mixtape in 2010.  This is a compilation of her work with several different producers throughout the following two years (Namely "Capitol D", "Eman Musik", and her husband "M.I.C.").


The title represents not only the vigor we are required to possess in order to make it through the daily trials of life, but also the true strength of our heavenly father that we humbly but confidently have access to through Jesus Christ our Lord! ... (READ THE REST OF THE ARTICLE HERE)

When The World Stops

Where do you want to be when Jesus comes back for His people?


Producers Note: When The World Stops is the only original production on the mixtape.  It was written by Raely Elle & Capitol D, and was produced/recorded/mixed/mastered in-house by M.I.C. of NFR.  Raely Elle & M.I.C. ventured to Las Vegas & filmed the music video June of 2012 and can be watched HERE!

You can check out the rest of the mixtape with exclusive commentary by producer M.I.C. by going to the Strength Mixtape Page!

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